Community Education Programs

Community Education

COTA offers guest speakers to talk to groups on issues that are relevant to people over the age of 50.

 COTA’s Community Education program encourages and enables older people in our community to minimise the risks to their health and well-being. We offer a range of free community education sessions to increase awareness of services, and provide practical and relevant information

Our sessions are delivered using a ‘Peer Education’ model. This is a process where people who share common ground teach and learn from one another.  COTA trains presenters aged over 50 who then volunteer their time to talk to older people in our community about healthy ageing issues.

 Community Education Sessions are:

  • Free of charge
  • Delivered by fully trained volunteer Peer Educators
  • Available across Canberra (some topics are available in NSW)
  • Structured with a practical focus including discussion of simple strategies to deal with the issues raised
  • Designed to be interactive – attendees are encouraged to share their own ideas and experiences
  • For groups small or large
  • Designed to last for up to an hour

 Available Community Education Sessions 2015 - 1016:

  • “Street Smart Seniors: A COTA ACT Road Safety Initiative"
  • “Controlling My Own Life: Making the Most of CDC” 

For further information or to book a session, please contact:

Ingrid Pepper COTA ACT Community Education Manager on 62823777

or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About “Street Smart Seniors: A COTA ACT Road Safety Initiative":

Street Smart Seniors is a free program providing local and practical road safety information for older Canberrans.

What will you learn?

  • Being an older driver—the advantages and the challenges
  • Road safety and pedestrian safety tips
  • How to transition from being a driver to a non-driver
  • Travel and transport options and concessions for seniors
  • Where to go for further help or information

Sessions can be adapted to suit particular groups and their interests

This program is funded by the NRMA Road Safety Trust. 

About “Controlling My Own Life: Making the Most of CDC”:

The introduction of Aged Care Reform has resulted in significant changes to how aged care services are delivered. One of these services is a Home Care Package – a coordinated package of services tailored to meet each consumer’s specific needs. A Home Care Package can help people to live at home as long as possible and give choice and flexibility in the way care and support is determined.

Since August 2013, all new aged care packages, now known as Home Care Packages have been delivered as Consumer Directed Care (CDC) packages. From July 1st 2015 all new and existing packages need to be delivered as Consumer Directed Care (CDC).

To assist current and potential consumers, their family and advocates to understand these changes and to make the most of their home care package, the COTA’s are delivering a national peer education program on Consumer Directed Care. Peer educators are trained and supported by COTA and can speak to community groups, or groups of future or current consumers of home care services who may be transitioning to Consumer Directed Care (CDC).

The peer education sessions aim to increase the skills and knowledge of consumers to maintain control of their own life by making the most of Consumer Directed Care (CDC). Ideally, consumers will be active partners in their own health care and support needs through working with their service provider to achieve their support goals.

This project is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Social Services.



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