• ACT Seniors Week

    Seniors Week 2019

    ACT Seniors Week encourages older Canberrans to Love Later Life!
    With a fantastic variety of exhibitors in a bigger and better venue, this year’s expo
    will be an essential visit on your Seniors Week to do list!

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  • ACT Seniors Card

    ACT Seniors Card

    What is a Seniors Card?
    Find out how to apply, what discounts are available and how you can find more information.

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  • What We Do

    What we do

    We work with older Canberrans to shape a more just and equitable community
    in which older people participate and contribute to their fullest capacity.

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  • How We Can Help

    How we can help

    COTA ACT provide a range of services for older people and their carers/families in the ACT.

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  • 2018 Award winners

    Senior Achiever Award

    The Senior Achiever Award recognises the outstanding contribution made by an older person to the Canberra community. 

    Sponsored by ActewAGL

    Beverley Flint

    Beverley has committed herself to a lifetime of volunteering her time, skills, expertise, knowledge and wisdom to others. As a state registered nurse, Beverley worked at the Queanbeyan and Canberra Hospitals and was as a nurse manager in a private medical/dental practice. She has supervised a private day care centre at Curtin and was the Deputy Director of the semi-nursing service Care at Home Agency. She has been an administrator of the Canberra Branch of the Australian Trade Union Training Authority, was President of her son's rugby league team and was a member of the Curtin pre-school committee.

    Beverley is currently the 2nd Vice President and Public Officer for the Tuggeranong Community Council (TCC). She is also runs the Community, Health and Education Sub Committee of the TCC, has been an active member of the Tuggeranong Lake Carers, is the Convenor of the East Greenway Action Group and assists in running the Tuggeranong Branch of Sing Australia.


    Intergenerational Award

    The Intergenerational Award recognises a person or group who has worked to foster and improve relationships across multiple generations.

    Deborah Evans

    Deborah is a Gija/Djaru Aboriginal woman and a survivor of the Stolen Generation.

    Deborah has devoted her life to educating Aboriginal people in schools, prisons and in the community. Concerned about the increasing rate of Aboriginal incarceration, she worked to establish a community organization, TJILLARI Justice, to support the families of Indigenous detainees.

    Its aim is to break the cycle of Intergenerational offending in the ACT. The service has been established for 4 years and is now calling for older Indigenous to assume their cultural place and support and nurture the younger generations.

    Age Friendly Canberra Award

    This Award recognises a person or group which has worked to enhance opportunities for seniors to lead full and satisfying lives.

    Sponsored by Capital Chemist

    Philip Piggin

    Philip is a dance instructor who teaches dance at the Belconnen Arts Centre and Tuggeranong Arts Centre. Twice a week, Philip teaches dance to people living with dementia as part of VIVACITY, Dementia Australia’s dance group. VIVACITY is the ACT’s first dementia friendly dance group, created in conjunction with Dementia Australia.

    Philip’s passion for what he does, his pride in seeing people enjoying life through dance and his enthusiasm for encouraging people to come together to participate in and enjoy the physical along with the social interaction is to be commended.

    Seniors Advocate Award

    The Seniors Advocate Award recognises an outsanding commitment by a person or group in advocating for seniors. 

    Sponsored by Goodwin Aged Care

    Norma Sumner

    Norma has endless energy and enthusiasm towards her work with residents, staff and visitors to Mirinjani. Norma is well regarded by all and goes out of her way to make sure that people are heard and treated like an individual. Norma is very professional in her approach and manages a range of sensitive and often complex issues with care and compassion.

    Norma assists with the health, wellbeing, education and social situation of residents in Mirinjani by being very aware of individuals and their needs.  Norma makes sure that each person is able to enjoy activities as much as possible by understanding people as individuals. 

    Transport Services Award

    The Transport Servces Award recognises a person or group who, in their professional capacity, has provided outstanding service to older people. 

    Sponsored by The Flexible Bus Service

    Legacy Canberra Legacy Team

    Legacy Canberra Legacy Team works to organise group outings, meetings and gatherings for the members of the South Canberra Laurel Club.  

    In 2017 Mary Parker and Tom Wharton approached the Flexible Bus Team for help to transport ladies from the South Canberra Laurel Club to regular meetings in Deakin. By travelling together in a bus the meetings generated more participation and the bus trip becomes part of the whole occasion and people are discovering each other beyond what happens at the meetings and events themselves.

    The team comprises:

    Co-Captains: Mary Parker, President of Canberra Southside Laurel Club and Tom Wharton, Member of Legacy’s Welfare Committee

    Troops: Bob Cox,  Heather Pietsch and Cathy Clifford

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  • VALE Steve Doszpot.

    COTA ACT extends their condolences to Steve Doszpot's family and friends following his passing.

    Steve was a tireless advocate for older Canberrans since being elected to the Assembly, in his capacity as MLA and Shadow Minister for Seniors. Some of the important issues he advocated on include age discrimination, the amenity of Canberra suburbs and transport for older Canberrans.

    COTA ACT would like to thank Steve for the work he has done with COTA ACT and as Shadow Minister for Seniors to improve the lives of the older members of our community.

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  • Changes in age eligibility for ACT Seniors Cards

    From 1 July 2017, the eligibility age for applying for an ACT Seniors Card will increase to 61 years.
    This follows an announcement in the 2016-17 ACT Budget, where the eligibility age for the ACT Seniors Card will be gradually increased to 65 years by 1 July 2025.
    The change in eligibility age will not impact current Seniors Card holders.

    Read the full media release here.

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  • COTA ACT is pleased to announce that CEO, Jenny Mobbs, has been appointed to the ACT Ministerial Advisory Council on Ageing (MACA).

    The Council provides strategic advice to the Minister for Ageing on issues affecting older citizens in the ACT. The Council had a key role in developing the ACT Active Ageing Framework 2015 - 2018 and continues to provide advice on its implementation.

    Read the full media release below.

    Released 01/06/2017

    Minister for Veterans and Seniors, Gordon Ramsay, today announced the appointment of eight members to make a new ACT Ministerial Advisory Council on Ageing (MACA).

    The MACA provides strategic advice to the ACT Government on issues affecting older people in the ACT. The council assists the Government to develop and implement positive ageing policies, in order to advance the status and interest of older people.

    “Today we welcome Fiona May (Chair), Professor Robin Creyke (Vice Chair), Sue Schreiner, Jennifer Mobbs, David Rymer, Greg Fraser, Elizabeth Samra, and Chris Redmond as members to the ACT Ministerial Advisory Council on Ageing,” Mr Ramsay said.

    “It is wonderful to welcome such an experienced and diverse group of representatives to the council as a link between older members of our community and the ACT Government.

    “The new council brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in areas such as law, advocacy, and the community sector. The members have all demonstrated their on-going commitment to seniors’ affairs in their professional or personal lives – together they make a very impressive advisory council.”

    “I would like to express my gratitude to the outgoing Council members, particularly to the outgoing Chair David Lawrance and outgoing Deputy Chair Viola Kalokerinos.”

    The MACA performs a range of important roles for older people in Canberra in line with the ACT Active Ageing Action Plan 2015-2018 including to:

    • Undertake research, monitor and provide advice on positive ageing matters referred by the Minister for Veterans and Seniors or raised as a result of community consultation;
    • Evaluate and provide advice on ACT Government positive ageing policies and programs affecting the community and recommend changes where necessary; and
    • Consult with relevant community organisations and individuals to identify concerns  and propose action, and act as a link between these organisations and the ACT Government.

    For further information on the MACA go to: http://www.communityservices.act.gov.au/wac/ageing/advisory_council_on_ageing.

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  • Is the mental health of older Australians living in care any less important than for everyone else? 

    Over 175,000 older Australians living in residential aged care are ineligible to access Medicare-funded mental health treatment through the Better Access to Mental Health Care program.

    Please sign the petition calling on the new Health Minister to step in and fix it: www.healthforolderAustralians.org.au

    The new Minister for Health needs to make this an urgent and early priority. We are calling on him to take it to Cabinet where the government must agree to reverse this so that nursing home residents have the same access to mental health services as everyone else.

    Older Australians and their families are calling for him to support this; and the mental health community are also championing the need for change.

    Our frailest older Australians deserve the best care we can offer.

    SIGN THE PETITION www.healthforolderAustralians.org.au

    16266241 747711055397454 6589896740154236657 n

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ACT Seniors Card

seniorscardIf you are 61 or over, a permanent resident of the ACT and working 20 hours or less each week you are eligible for an ACT Seniors Card.
An ACT Seniors Card (which is combined with a MyWay card) entitles card bearers to a savings on a range of goods and services from participating businesses, as well as concessional travel on public transport. 
The ACT Seniors Card Discount Directory website gives you all of the information you need on:
  • obtaining an ACT Seniors Card
  • finding out what discounts and savings are available to card holders
  • information for businesses on how to participate
*Please note: As part of an ACT Budget decision, the eligibility age for ACT Seniors Card will be gradually increased to 65 years until 2025.  The eligibility age will increase by 1 year on 1 July 2019, 1 July 2021, 1 July 2023 and 1 July 2025. 


  • ACT Seniors Cards
  • ACT Seniors Card Discount Directory
  • The Seniors Information Service
  • Housing Options Advisory Service
  • Information on services for older people and their carers
  • Community education, information sessions and events
  • Community centre hire


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